February 16th, 2004


The Show With No Name #265: Justin Timberwolf

The title of tonight's Show With No Name is a reference to last week's show, as well as an inside joke; one viewer told Charlie that he was trying to read all sorts of meaning into our choice of a werewolf as the attacker of Miss Janet. In truth, it was just a toy that was lying around.

In all, tonight's show was quite funny. We continued our series of funny and disturbing moments from TV news with clips of CNN's coverage of the baby with a second head, a reporter talking about "stoned people", and James Brown being very incoherent. It was followed by a older Japanese man telling a story about bodily functions gone wrong, a very long piece on George Harrison, the classic clip of James Brown being out-of-it on Sonya Live, and the creepy pediatrician talking on "Regis & Kathy Lee" about Kathy Lee Gifford's breastfeeding habits. The callers really contributed tonight too, especially during our James Brown imitation contest. The show ended with another news clip, a caller on MSNBC that imitated a NASA official during the Columbia disaster and got off a Howard Stern prank.

This week was a prop-free show; the clips and our commentary on them made it work. We do have some funny shtick coming in the next few weeks, but its nice to have material that's strong enough to work on its own.

Almost a Joke

If Jack Black and Jack White were to meet in a supermarket one afternoon, would the universe cease to exist? Maybe they'd merge into one being, forming "Jack Jack Grey", legendary guitarist for the Tenacious Stripes?

See also: BBC Radio 1 article

BTW, I turned in my resignation today at work. It went OK; my manager wasn't too surprised, since it was pretty well known that my heart was in working on Palm OS devices, rather than doing embedded tool development. He said the next order of action is setting up a big going away party. I'm going to look forward to that, as I finish out my last two weeks with batwing M.

And a final note...the SXSW 2004 schedule is coming along very well. I've got links to web pages and streaming audio working; I just need to get the updated data for 2004 in place, fix the "find" functionality to work better, and put in some new graphics, and we've got this year's application! Woohoo! Bring on the Platinum passes and "hoochie mamas"!
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