April 2nd, 2004


Alamo Downtown Staying Around

I just saw a message from Tim League, owner of the Alamo Drafthouse, on their message board:

Name: Tim League
Date: 3/27/2004 5:22:07 PM
Subject: re:closing/ moving?

Downtown is NOT closing anytime soon. We are opening up another one on South Lamar, but downtown will be here for a while.


Yeah! I'm glad to hear about yet another Alamo expansion, but I'm also glad to see the downtown location will be sticking around and available for all the weird, kooky stuff that the Alamo does.
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"The Show With No Name" suspended from Austin Music Network

I just saw Charlie's post to the Show With No Name community on Friendster... I thought I'd copy it here for the fans of the show who learn about it through me:

Well, it was bound to happen...

During the broadcast of last Saturdays show on the Austin Music Network, General Manager Louis Meyers received several calls of concern about the content of that show, including one from the office of an unnamed Austin City Council member. So in light of the current moral flinchiness, the program was pulled off the air in mid-broadcast and replaced with a program about Johnny Cash (who, by the way, has never been considered offensive.) The Show With No Name show is now suspended indefinitely until the coast is clear and a later time slot is found.

As I understand it, the episode contained two "hot-topics". We aired a 30-second viewer-submitted clip from an adult movie featuring a girl who the viewer felt looked just like me. The clip contained no nudity or language. We showed just enough to see the girl and to set up a shot of my head superimposed on her body, which I assure you is a wildly original gag. Later in the show, a caller asked us why we hadn't talked about the rumors surrounding Governor Perry. We responded by talking about the surprising speed at which the rumors spread, and how they changed over the course of the past couple of weeks (the show originally aired on ACAC in February.) We made no assertions, and in the end, the consensus was that the rumors were, in fact, just rumors.

So I'm sure you can see that we clearly crossed the line. Everybody knows that the only thing local musicians hate more than porn is a lascivious rumor. So Janet Jackson's boob claims another casualty.

But for now, we'll continue our live show on Channel 10. So to commemorate the occasion, this Sundays show will feature clips relating to censorship, community standards, and common decency run amuck.

The Show With No Name
Live on Sunday nights at 10pm/Ch10
Formerly rebroadcast on Saturday nights at 7pm on AMN-15