May 3rd, 2004


The Show With No Name #270: Rebecca Romijn-Sotelo

I'm back to writing SWNN logs, rather than go to sleep... good for you, not so good for me. We were off-the-air for the last two weeks due to Cinco's schedule, and it looks like we won't be back on until the 23rd, so this was our only chance to stay current. It ended up being half-good, half-bad. The clips included the trailer for Sam Peckinpaw's "Cross of Iron", CNN footage of a Saddam statue in Iraq getting de-crotched, Van Morrison performing "Moondance", and Rob Reiner on Letterman show in the mid-80s. Nothing too great. We also had the footage of 2004 Funniest Person in Austin Branden Walsh's winning set, and we eventually talked to him. Calls were few and unfunny, but there was a brilliant piece early in the show where Charlie and Cinco made fun of John Stamos' career as long-distance-service shill.