August 30th, 2004


New Yorker Looks at Voter Motivations

Half the blogosphere's linking to this article, so I might as well too. The New Yorker's got a long essay about how voters pick candidates. The important statistic is that only about 10% of the electorate could be considered "informed", and that many more people make their decisions based on emotional appeals and gut reactions. If that's the case, it makes a lot of the campaign coverage more understandable; people really seem to care more about the horse-race aspect of things than the issues that drive the parties and candidates.

Chuy's Green Chile Fest

(originally posted to austineats)

I had lunch at the North 183 Chuy's today on the first day of their annual Green Chile Fest. It runs from today through September 19th. They've got piles of chilies from Hatch, New Mexico, are roasting up a storm, and have a good variety of special menu items. The green chile salsa replaces their red sauce, and it had a really nice, mild flavor, with enough stickiness to adhere nicely to the tortilla chips.

They had about ten different menu items for the festival, and in a welcome change, had a vegetarian item, the campfire roasted enchiladas. There were cheese enchiladas with onions and green chilies, served with rice and beans; I thought they were good, but next time, I'll just ask for their normal veggie enchiladas topped with the green chile salsa instead. They are doing a special promotion; it you eat ten green chile menu items and get your card stamped for each one, you'll get a special prize and an entry into their big contest. I have no idea what the prize is, though, and going their nine more times in the next three weeks isn't going to happen for me.

The special fest ware was inspired by the TV show "Survivor", and I didn't find it very distinctive. I liked the design they did last year with the chile crop circle, but this was a little disappointing. I also didn't see any fest buttons out, but it's just the first day so these could show up later.