November 6th, 2004


Understanding the Election through Geographic Information Systems

Three pointers to useful web pages. First, there's the page put together by Princeton professor Robert J. Vanderbei. This shows presidential election results by county, with the counties colored based on percentages of Bush, Kerry, and "other" votes. The country looks like a reddish-purple, with strings of purple and blue in the more populated areas. He also has a modified version that uses bump-mapping to show the populations of the counties.

Second is a scan of a graphic from the Washington Post. This uses the same data, but shows vote totals as a bar graph with the height based on the margin of victory of Bush or Kerry in each county. This really vividly shows how concentrated the Democratic leaning areas are in the urban areas, while showing Republicans having a slight edge in large parts of the country.

Update: here's a page at "The Blogging the President 2004" that summarizes a lot of the maps that are being produced. Also, I should thank the "Interesting People" mailing list for pointers to all of this material.

Was Florida Hacked for Bush?

The writer of this article seems to think that e-voting was rigged for Bush in smaller Florida counties:

The statistical analysis looks compelling. Unfortunately, there's no way to recount the counties that seem to be lie outside the reasonable predictions, and I doubt exit polling was extensive enough to be able to provide numbers that can be used to verify the results. Arghh!