November 16th, 2004


Scott Rosenberg on Reporting About Election Fraud

Scott Rosenberg is the managing editor of; he writes a weblog about the online magazine he runs. A few days ago, he posted a note about how they covered the reports of possible election fraud, and I really agree with one of his points:
The worst case is that the more gullible and misinformed wing of the Democratic left will turn into our side's version of the gullible and misinformed legions of Republican voters who believe that Saddam had WMDs and worked with al-Qaida. We're not there yet, but if we keep going down this road of crying "fraud!" at the drop of a dubious e-mail tip, we're in for trouble.

We need to become smarter, more skeptical consumers of the information we get online. All the information, including -- no, especially -- the information that confirms our preconceptions and prejudices. If we (here at Salon, or in the blogosphere, or even on CBS or Fox!) find real evidence of the sort of significant voting problems that could affect the election's outcome, then I will join the charge. But I won't leap to the barricades on the basis of me-too forwards from people who are desperate to believe and unwilling to face facts.