November 28th, 2004


Velociraptor Butt Wiggle

Legend has it that if a group of friends sits in a circle and says "Velociraptor Butt Wiggle" three times, widespread giggling will occur and someone will posit that that phrase has never before been mentioned in human history. According to Google, this is true; a more detailed search did find a document that separately contained the words "velociraptor" and "butt wiggle" that was describing various inhabitants of a furry MUCK, an online community where people pretend to be anthropomorphic animals. Maybe they need an equine lawyer?

(Yes, this is very in-jokey, but I made a commitment to spread this across the Internet.)

Stick Around 'Til the End

First, do a little robot dance.
Second, point at your eyes then move your fingers to point out a the world.
Third, point at yourself, shake your head, then cross your arms in a "bad move" configuration.

You've just done a Jedi Mime Trick.

The Tour That Must Be Done

Thanks to local blogger, I've just found out about, guided tours of downtown Austin conducted on Segways! It's $65 for a three-hour tour (chorus: a three hour tour!), and considering Austin's demographics, it's entirely possible that you'd be rolling around with a professor, a movie star, a couple of Dellionaries, and a guy that likes to be called "Lil' Buddy"