January 17th, 2005


My Visit to "A Prairie Home Companion"

As I mentioned in the previous post, my sister and I got tickets for the Friday night taping of http://prairiehome.publicradio.org/. Weactually got tickets for a small seating area they've setup on the stage on both sides of the house band; they just went on sale on Thursday. Here's my notes, reconstructed after the show with my sister's help. It was really amazing, especially seeing Tom Keith do all of his sound effects and hearing the band play live just feet in front of us. The show was a special performance to air during pledge drives in April, so it ran to almost three hours, with them planning on editing it a bit to make room for stations to insert their beg-a-thons.
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Brain Explosion Moment

I get a weekly email newsletter about television, and it includes a listing of the lineups for the nightly talk shows for the next few weeks. I was just checking through the listings when I saw a pairing that made my head explode.
Mo 1/24: Paris Hilton, Ani DiFranco

I may have to specially program my Tivo to just record the last ten minutes of this show to avoid any accidental exposure to Ms. Hilton.

"Prairie Home" Opener

My sister used the video mode on her digital camera to capture a small part of the Prairie Home Companion opening, but her batteries ran out after a few seconds. I've taken her video file, rotated it to the correct orientation, added sidebars, and decompressed it. It's available from this link and is about 6.4MB; you'll need the xvid codec to play back the video on your system.