February 9th, 2005


People with Stock Options

I spotted this in the parking lot at palmOne on Tuesday. Asking around, it's the car of one of the original Handspring engineers who managed to cash out his options at the right time. It seems a little indulgent to me, but I drive a Saturn, so my opinion on cars doesn't really count.

"Guest of the Day"

When I checked into my hotel room on Monday night, I found this on the table. It's a little basket that came with a letter stating that I was their "Guest of the Day". It had a few mini-chocolates, a bag of corn chips, a bottle of water, and some microwave popcorn in it, plus a coupon good for $5 of phone calls. They also handed me a "computer screen brush" at the front desk, a little portable duster that pops out of a green plastic handle like a ice cream pop. Oh joy! I actually do like this hotel quite a bit, but things like this just seem a little cheesy.