February 24th, 2005


How Paris Hilton Was Hacked

This story just amazes me. Apparently, hackers were able to get into Paris Hilton's web account that mirrored her Sidekick phone because the "forgot your password" question she picked was "What is the name of your favorite pet?" Anyone who's seen a certain episode of "South Park" could guess that one. Using that knowledge, they were able to reset her password to one of their own choosing, get into her account, and download everything.

CD Order and Upcoming Show

I just placed an order with Deep Discount CD for a few new CDs, some new, some old:

  • The Beekeeper [CD & DVD Set] / Tori Amos
  • Room Noises / Eisley
  • Chinatown / The Be Good Tanyas
  • Blue Horse / The Be Good Tanyas

Thanks to "Little Earthquakes" back in 1992 for the long-time appreciation of Tori Amos.
Thanks to Austin Music Network for showing me the "Marvelous Things" video from Eisley.
Thanks to lizardprincess for introducing me to the Be Good Tanyas last year.

In other music news, I've just found out that Matt Bianco will be playing in Texas at the end of April with shows in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. Matt Bianco is Basia Trzetrzelewska, Danny White, and Mark Reilly, and they play pop-jazz with a lot of soul and Latin influences. I ran a Basia website from 1994 through the end of 2004, although it wasn't very active after 1998. I handed it off to a friend from the Basia mailing list in late 2004, just in time to see her start performing again as of her original group. I will be going to one of those shows, probably the San Antonio one on April 28th. If anyone wants to come along, let me know.


Du Pain!

I saw this while shopping last week. French bread is a good thing, but this sign just is nuts. It starts in English, with "hot", but then uses the Spanish term for "French bread", leaving off the acute accent on the 'e' in 'francés'. But, it's French bread, so why not write "Pain français"?

Ben Saves the Show

Well, I played a small but important part.

I got to the Bill Hicks tribute show about 9:15, and there was a big line outside waiting to be let into the theater. I check with the ticket counter, and they find my name on the guest list, so I go join the line. About 9:35, they start letting people in, and having been told it's sold out, I decide to take the worst seat in the house -- front row, all the way to the edge. I'm right in front of the sound mixing board in the front of the room, right next to where Charlie's going to be introducing clips. Well, the place doesn't fill up completely, so I've got about six seats between me and the rest of the people on that row, but I've already placed my food order, so I just stay put.

The show finally starts about ten minutes late, and Charlie explains that it was almost canceled after they got a cease-and-desist letter from the Hick family lawyers. He talked to the lawyers about the letter, and they made him go ahead and do the show, but forced him and the Alamo to donate all the all the proceeds from the show to the Bill Hicks Foundation for Wildlife. So, Charlie talks about doing research on this group and coming to the conclusion that while it's a non-profit organization, they're mostly spending their money to rehab wounded raccoons, which Charlie explains to be giant squirrels.

After the second group of clips, Charlie comes back down with a wireless phone and tries to call Bill's brother, Steve Hicks. The phone is cutting out and he's not able to get it to work. Seeing me right in front of him, he asks to use my Treo. I dial Steve's number, turn on the speakerphone, and Charlie's able to amplify that so the whole room can ask questions and hear the responses.

About that time, the waiter brings by the check, so I put down my money and head out -- I'd already seen all the clips a few times, so I say goodbye to Charlie and company in the back and head out. It was a fun show, and Bill's bits still really work, even after hearing them lots of times, but it's late and I've got things to do. Still, I'm glad I was able to help out.