April 17th, 2005


Great Deal on Tiny Flash MP3 Player

While checking my feeds this morning, I saw this special deal on the Rave MP Sport AMP256 flash-based music player. It's a refurbished unit, but with coupon it's only $40. In contract, I picked up my device from Costco in January for $80 and thought I got a really good deal. Since I got mine, I've been using it a lot for listening on podcasts and recorded conference sessions during my evening walks. It's got 256MB of memory built in, and it also has an internal SD card slot to add more storage if needed. The player shows up as an external drive when you plug it into your computer, so you can also use it to move around files. It runs off a single AAA battery, and I've usually had a single battery last for about 15 hours of playback. The file formats supported are MP3 and WMA (no Ogg Vorbis or AAC, alas). It also has a voice recorder and a FM radio; I've used the radio occasionally to check up on KUT, but I've not had a chance to do any recording to see how it sounds.

The unit has been a little quirky, but there's a new firmware update that looks to fix most of the annoying bugs. I'm really excited that it now has a resume feature which will let me pick up a podcast at the point where I turned the unit off.

If you're looking for a lightweight music player to use while you're running around, and you don't don't mind doing format conversion when copying over your AAC or Ogg Vorbis music, this player is worth checking out, especially at this really low price.

Boy, What a Hyper Link!

Burningbird writes about gender differences in linking behavior on weblogs. I like her analysis, especially the part where she described a power-based analysis of why some bloggers find Google's Autolink feature threatening. I personally think Autolink is fine, and I favor tools that give used of web pages more control over how those pages appear and work. Of course, I tend to link to things more from an academic citation viewpoint, plus I feel that if I mention something, especially something I'm excited about, it's polite to provide a way for my readers to get more information. However, it would be nice for our weblog writing tools to have better ways to turn common content into links -- for example, I'd love to be able to highlight a movie title, hit a button to find it on IMDB, and then have the title corrected and linkified to the entry I choose.

Favorite Line From Tonight's "The Simpsons"

In a plotline where Professor Frink is showing Bart and Lisa their lives as teenagers, Marge Simpson takes a Polaroid-type picture which then turns into a cake with the picture as the top layer of icing, then exclaims "We can do anything now that scientists have invented magic."