April 23rd, 2005


More Veg Out! Updates

In the last 48 hours, I've been doing a lot of tweaking to my Veg Out! Austin site. Mostly it's been working on the site templates to make it easier to get around. However, I've also added neighborhood information to all the reviews, I've reworked the style sheet to make the banner at the top more to my liking and make titles stand out, and I've added Google AdSense to the navigation bar to raise some money for the lunch fund. So far, no one's clicked on any ads, and I'm forbidden on clicking on it by the terms-of-service, even though I've seen a few interesting sites listed.

I'm about to walk over to Thundercloud for a cheap hummus sub for lunch (today only it's $2.50 for a large)... tomorrow's an even better deal with the cheese sub at $0.85/$1.10. The main tweaks I've got left to do on Veg Out! involve creating some graphics and getting some restaurant pictures posted, so I'll have to dig up my graphics tools and see what I can do. I want to make some non-obnoxious icons for "website" and "Google! Maps" and "MapQuest" links to go with the reviews.


Well, after over twelve years, I've finally got one of my jokes into rec.humor.funny again. It's 7th-down in the list on one-liners that was just posted. This is a long-standing moderated "humor" newsgroup, and while I don't read USENET news anymore, I stay current with this group using this RSS feed from Google! Groups.

My previous selection for the group was way back in 1992, a joke about the previous Bush's campaign.

By the way, this posting does not endorse rec.humor.funny as actually being funny. It's been mildly ha-ha for a long time.