August 22nd, 2005


Phone Post: Do It!

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“So, I'm driving home from the airport listening to Air America Radio, and they have a public service announcement for the Coalition for a Drug Free America. But anyway, it's this whole thing about how parents, don't let your kids go to parties without adults present. It's pretty banal stuff. It's like, if your kids go there and there aren't adults, they're more likely to do drugs. OK, more likely, whatever that means. But then there's a catch line right at the end of it where this female voice goes "Do it! It will always be worth it!" which just seems to be a really odd catchline to put at the end of a commercial that says drugs are bad. I don't think they have anyone actually checking what they're doing. I don't know. Oh well, goodnight!”

Transcribed by: unwiredben

How Unfortunate For Them

I just got a email newsletter from Marriott hotels with a quite off-putting subject line. Eudora only showed this up to the line break until I opened the message:

Subject: Marriott eBreaks - Exclusive rat
 es for this weekend (8/25 - 8/28)

If I'm staying at the Marriott, I certainly expect exclusive rats. No common rats for me, no sir!