October 11th, 2005


Notes From the Road

I'm spending the week in Sunnyvale, and tonight, after a long day at the Big Orange Dot Building, I headed up to Mountain View for dinner at Garden Fresh, the vegetarian Chinese restaurant I first visited back in May. This time I had their kung pao Japanese eggplant with tofu and bell pepper. It was good, but the eggplant was a little more mushy than I'd like. It's fine in small amounts, but I prefer the spicy chicken-style gluten I'd had before.

I've been seeing lots of ads for and against various propositions on local television. I like how California requires a disclosure statement at the end of the ads showing where the funding comes from for the ad. I saw an ad that was against a proposition that affected how MediCal does prescription drugs: the ad felt fishy, then I saw that it was paid for by donations from a pile of pharmaceutical companies.

The Comfort Inn is cheesy in lots of little ways. No Comedy Central or Cartoon Network on the TV. A clock radio with the sensitivity of a crystal set from Radio Shack. Tiny towels. A VCR locked down to the dresser. Generic art on the walls. A mini fridge that goes creak all night. Nothing is bad, it's just that nothing is actually delightful or fun.