December 27th, 2005


Making House Calls

Since arriving in Georgia, I've seen the first 12 episodes of season one of "House, M.D.". The first disc was inhaled in an all-night coding session, with me switching to the DVD window while waiting on compiles. The second disc was watched with my mom and my sister. The third disc was watched yesterday with my sister, mom, and dad. My sister already liked the show, but I think I've made converts out of my parents.

I will say that while I love the characterizations, the show is a bit formulaic. I really like the second season episodes more, since they've been adding more history to Dr. House's character with the arrival of his ex-wife. However, the shows have all been really fun to watch, especially for those "I wish I could say that" moments where House just abuses people with the truth :)

Fun Deep South Fact of the Day

In the metro Atlanta area, the Winn-Dixie grocery store chain operated under the name SaveRite to avoid offending black customers. In the rest of the state, they kept their original name. BTW, they are currently bankrupt with many of their stores closed.