November 21st, 2007


Day Trip to Small Town Texas

As part of a week of having the parents here in Austin, I took off a day from work, Annelies skipped her classes, and we headed on a road trip out to see some small Texas towns.

It started with coffee at Genuine Joe's in North Austin. While sitting on the patio, we saw one of Austin's wild parrots in the tree above my head. It was dropping some berries on me and had bright green plumage.

We headed down IH-35 to visit Gruene, Texas next. Officially part of New Braunfels, this little town sits on the Comal River and has a number of neat antique shops, gift shops, and restaurants. We saw some firepots shaped like pigs for grilling, and ended up going to the Gristmill Restaurant for lunch and a view of the river. I had a really nice poblano pesto pasta salad along with some jalapeno and cabbage slaw, and the other members of my party were pretty satisfied with their dishes. After lunch, I found some old issues of the Journal of Fantasy and Science Fiction in the antique shop that I picked up, and after a visit to the general store, we headed back north.

Rather than track 35 all the way back, we took state road 21 out to Lockhart, Texas. While it's famous for its BBQ, we enjoyed its historic courthouse as well as some locations that were used in the movie "Waiting for Guffman".  We got some drinks at the Javamotion coffee shop, then sat outside and watched the cold front come in, with the temperatures dropping 10 degrees while we were outside.

It was fun.  I got to see some nearby places I'd never been, and we all got to hang out more.  I'm about to head out to pick up my sister from the airport, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and the cooking has already started in full force with my spicy green beans resting in the fridge.