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SXSW Music: Flight of the Conchords

I got to see my favorite musical comedy act, Flight of the Conchords, last night for a too-short 45-minute set at the packed Red Eyed Fly. I got there in a sprint from the Alamo Drafthouse and found a line of badges waiting to get into the club, but it moved pretty quickly and I found a spot to stand up near the stage.

Alas, my Treo's sound recording capabilities were no match for the loudspeakers, so I've got no "personal record" of the evening outside of a couple of photos. The group hasn't released a US album yet, so there was no merchandise. However, they were really funny, doing some improvising with the crowd. Britt even did a slightly pathetic stage dive at one point, then complained about the SXSWers who moved out of the way instead of catching him.

The set included "Bowie", a song with a long preface about time travelling using LSD and how Jermaine was trapped in a bathroom with the early-70's Tina Turner and the modern Tina Turner, and the young Tina was asking if she should leave Ike, and Jermain wanted to say "What's love got to do, got to do with it", but realized the young Tina wouldn't get the reference. There was "Humans Are Dead", which imagines a world in the distant future of the year 2000 where only robots exist and the word "yes" has been replaced by "affirmative". And of course, there was "Jenny", "Boom Boom", and "Business Time", and a new song for me, "Mother*ucker", where the F was always silent. Self-censoring is funny!

The audience had a lot of fans mixed with the industry types. I saw one girl wearing a "Team-Building Exercise 1999" t-shirt (a reference to one of the lines in "Business Time"), and at one point, the guys up on stage started commenting on the fans they could hear standing behind the wall at the club, listening through the cracks because they couldn't get in.
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