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100 Sci-Fi Books to Read
I saw on Trish Wilson's blog a pointer to a list of the 100 science fiction novels you've got to read. I'm not a big novel guy; I prefer short stories, but I've actually read about a fifth of this list. There are a few titles there that have been on my "read this soon" list for a while; I've had an unopened copy of "Hyperion" on my bookshelf for over ten years.

What I've Read
2. Foundation Written by Isaac Asimov
7. Frankenstein Written by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
16. Ringworld Written by Larry Niven
23. The Gods Themselves Written by Isaac Asimov
27. The War of the Worlds Written by H.G. Wells
33. Neuromancer Written by William Gibson
34. Ender’s Game Written by Orson Scott Card
40. Stranger in a Strange Land Written by Robert Heinlein
46. I, Robot Written by Isaac Asimov
49. Brave New World Written by Aldous Huxley
51. 1984 Written by George Orwell
53. Snow Crash Written by Neal Stephenson
61. Fahrenheit 451 Written by Ray Bradbury
63. Flowers for Algernon Written by Daniel Keyes
68. Flatland Written by Edwin Abbot
69. Planiverse Written by A.K. Dewdney
84. Alice in Wonderland Written by Lewis Carroll
85. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Written by Douglas Adams

A Few That I'd Like to Read
12. Star Surgeon Written by James White
24. The Left Hand of Darkness Written by Ursula K. Le Guin
44. Beggars in Spain Written by Nancy Kress
50. The Man Who Folded Himself Written by David Gerrold
57. Startide Rising Written by David Brin
72. Dawn Written by Octavia E. Butler
82. Red Mars Written by Kim Stanley Robinson
92. Timescape Written by Gregory Benford
96. Brain Wave Written by Poul Anderson
97. Hyperion Written by Dan Simmons

I've got to give credit for having read several of those titles to the late Bud Foote who taught the immensely popular Science Fiction course at Georgia Tech when I was an undergrad.

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If you've read Atlas Shrugged, you can just replace John Galt's gang with people genetically modified to exsist without sleep, cut out about half the sex and claim you've read the entire series. The writing's OK, but LeGuin is probably a better use of your time.

Re: Beggars in spain?

Hmmm... I've not read Ayn Rand, but I've got a better picture of the book now. I think I listed it mainly because I'd already gotten an eBook copy of it from Fictionwise during one of their 100% rebate events. I think I'll push it a bit lower on my list.

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