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New Neighborhood Stores
New development on Parmer brings more neat places within a short walk of my house. From the sign, it looks like a sushi place and a Mexican cantina will soon join Bear Creek Cafe and It's a Grind. I'm hoping they aren't just soulless franchises, but instead locally owned businesses with cool people and veggie friendly menus. A guy can dream, right?

Update: the sushi place is called Tomo Sushi. It doesn't seem to be a chain, although it's a fairly common name. The Mexican place is Salsarita's, a fresh-mex chain based out of North Carolina. They have veggie stuff, but their site isn't very comprehensive. There's also a Kolache Factory, which promises to be "a whole new way to eat" -- they sell buns filled with stuff. The fruit kolaches and jalapeno and cheddar kolaches sounds like they've got potential.
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Re: Curra's Grill north

Cool... that's a bit far to walk, but I really like the Curra's on Burnet and it will be great to have a closer location. Their black beans are yummy, and the veggie chorizo works well in their tacos. I've never reviewed them on Veg Out! -- I'll have to do that soon.

Re: Curra's Grill north

Chile relleno, with the poblano sauce and a side of chipotles sauce... mmmm I'm hungry,I gotta go to bed@!!

Re: Curra's Grill north

the time on your blog is all screwy, it's 2,30 am here... :-)

Re: Curra's Grill north

oye, BTW, do you know where to get the best deal on a wireless router/transmitter? we're on macs and I'd really like an airport because they also act as firewalls,but they are too pricey... we have roadrunner with a shitty webstar modem... I didn't buy the cable tv from them, I don't watch TV anymore :-) maybe I will again when they let you buy individual channels...

Re: Curra's Grill north

Fry's Electronics often has deals to get an 802.11g router for $25-$35 dollars. I've got one of their Airlink routers and it works fine with my Mac Mini. It also acts like a firewall. The only thing it doesn't do is have a dial-up modem built-in like some of the Airports have.

http://www.frys-electronics-ads.com/ usually posts their computer-related ad items. They don't cover Austin directly, but we usually have the same deals as Dallas.

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