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The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

SXSW: 2006 Wrapup

After a few days of rest, I think it's time to clear out my PDA and figure out just what I saw this year, with the stuff I loved in bold.

16 Feature Films: Thank You For Smoking, Small Town Gay Bar, This Film Is Not Yet Rated, Darkon, Danny Roane: First Time Director, The Cassidy Kids, Autumn's Eyes, Maxed Out, LOL, A Scanner Darkly, Awesome: I F*&#in' Shot That, Jumping Off Bridges, Nobelity, Who the $#%& is Jackson Pollock?, Digna: Hasta El Ultimo Aliento, Live Free of Die

38 Short Films: Scotch and Soda, Gray Days, Reel Shorts 1 (7 shorts), Reel Shorts 2 (8 shorts), Music Videos (21 shorts)

14 Panels: Looking for XML in All the Wrong Places, We Got Naked - Now What?, Shooting Docs, How to Create Passionate Users, Design and Social Responsibility, Increasing Women's Visibility on the Web, Conversation with Henry Rollins, Keynote with Heather Armstrong / Jason Kottke, Bloggers in Love, Blogging While Black, Case Study - The Cassidy Kids, Behind the Scenes - Developing OS X and Longhorn, 10 Years of "Ain't It Cool", SXSW Film Awards

2 Parties: The Cassidy Kids Party at Karma Lounge, SXSW Film Closing Party at the Produce Warehouse

5 Bands: Sleater-Kinner (SXSW Film Closing Party), Willie Mason (Antone's), Beth Orton (Antone's), Flight of the Conchords (Red-Eyed Fly), The Subways (Stubb's)

Compared to last year, I saw about six more films worth of material, but only about a third as much music. However, the percentage of items in bold is much higher, especially among the films. The quality of this year's programming in film and interactive was much higher, and it was easier for me to see almost everything I wanted. I also got to spend a lot of time with some good friends, do a lot of mobile blogging, and take a mental break from work, if not much of a physical rest.
Tags: movies, music, sxsw 2006, technology
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