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I've not been so excited by a drive home from lunch in a long time!

I leave Satay after having a bowl of their yummy Singaporean Laksa noodle soup, and I turn on the radio to KUT and hear a band being interviewed and talking about a song that mentions the governor of Texas. Hmmm... then they clarify it was written for Ann Richards, and I know who they are, the legendary "The Horsies", a band that played in Austin around 1992-1997 that I really, really liked. They're like a avant-garde/cowboy-poet version of the B-52's with the twinge of accordions, clarinets, drums, and guitars. They do songs about Noam Chomsky, cookie-cutter people, rubber balls soaked in liquor, and being unappreciated while performing, all with a lot of humor and some really nice sounds.

So, I listed to them play a few live songs over the radio, getting home in time for their "Noam Chomsky" finale which I hear on my home stereo set, while doing my happy dance. Yeah!

So, it sounds like they're back as a band after about six years of mostly being broken up, and they're at Hole in the Wall on Saturday night. It looks like they're on about 11PM. I've never seen them live; I didn't catch their CDs until after they stopped playing so frequently, but I'm definitely going to try to make this show.
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Laksa Noodle Soup! I will testify that is Satay's secret weapon of Yum!

I keep going there intending on getting something else, but I keep coming around for the spicy batch of lemongrass/coconut/tofu/spice goodness. It's a good thing it's not on the dinner menu; that's my chance to get a firepot of Tom Yum Hed for the table, the dish that's tasty to eat and a little dirty to say.

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