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I'm starting to feel the pain from a fall I took earlier this evening. I was on one of my usual evening walks when I passed by a part of the sidewalk that's adjacent to some barbed wire fence. A part of the fence grabbed my pants, tripping me up and causing me to fall onto the sidewalk. I fell forward, with my hands, chest, and knees making contact with the concrete. I had the wind knocked out of me for a moment, but I then was able to sit up a little, get the barbs unhooked from my pants, and make my way back home.

So, what's the damage? The pants got ripped pretty badly on one leg, and I don't think they're worth fixing. The barbs poked my leg, but I don't see any real cuts. My palms were a bit scraped up and I'm starting to feel some aches in my wrists and knees. I might have a bruise on my chest in the morning, although I don't think it's too bad.

Here's to occasional clumsiness!

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Ouch. :0/ I really hope you're ok.

I think I'm fine... a little stiff, but the only thing that's still hurting at this hour is my right wrist, and I've noticed it getting better since this morning.

Well, if your back and neck hurt a bit too, don't be surprised. It's really jarring to fall like that and when you land on your hands, your shoulders and upper back take a lot of the pressure.

Here's to fast healing!

Yeah, I've been feeling stiff today, but I can tell it's getting better. Thanks for the advice.

It doesn't sound like clumsiness to me.

It sounds like the fence is out of control and must be stopped!

Re: It doesn't sound like clumsiness to me.

Now, now... don't want to get your lizard armies mobilized for something this small. I was trespassing on the fence's territory and it was defending itself. On the other hand, a good de-fense is offensive, or something like that.

Hooray klutz!

It's its own kind of elegance. Don't let anyone tell you different.

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