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The Radio Unwired Is Live
So, a friend just keyed me into Pandora, the streaming audio service of the Music Genome Project. I've just setup my account on there, and I've added a link to The Radio Unwired to the sidebar here on my blog. I'm still training the station with what I like and dislike, but so far it's been mostly neat stuff, and I've already found a couple of new bands that I'm going to have to check out through it. I've not really been going for any stylistic consistency in what I've been adding as favorites, but I'm hoping my thumbs up/down selections will even it out. Check it out and feel free to send me your station links.

(Edit: Tuesday night, I changed the name of the channel from "Ben Rocks Radio" to better go with this journal's theme.)

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I came across Pandora in late December...

As I posted at the time (not to be snarky, honest): Check out Pandora, a website that claims to help you find music you might like by pulling from a database where music is tagged by humans according to its characteristics. Dar Williams apparently features "acoustic rock instrumentation, folk influences, mild rhythmic syncopation, demanding instrumental part writing, and extensive vamping." Who knew?

So I haven't been in a hurry to rush back... !

Re: I came across Pandora in late December...

OK... I must have overlooked that when I was Googling for "extensive vamping". What does that mean, exactly? :)

Re: I came across Pandora in late December...

I realized just searching for "vamping" might give me my answer. According to the Google dictionary, in music, vamping is "To improvise (an accompaniment, for example) for a solo". OK, I like improvised solos, so I can see why that shows up so often in my Pandora stream.

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