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Is it over now?

I think the flu has finally left; like homeowners in Florida after the annual hurricane, all I've got is to clean up the damage. The fever is all gone, but I've got a lot of congestion still stuck in my head and lungs, and my eyes are a bit watery.

Earlier this evening, I finally saw Pirates of the Caribbean. It was a OK film, but not as funny as I expected. Johnny Depp's channeling of Keith Richards was worth watching, and it was nice to see Keira Knightly take charge in a few scenes, but I got tired of the battles, especially after seeing ROTK last weekend. The films are on totally different levels.

I also played against my dad, sister, and aunt in a game of Tikal, a very cool board game about exploring the jungle of South America, exploring pyramids, and finding treasure. I ended up winning, put that was mainly based on me taking advantage of the way the board got setup to own a couple of pyramids that were really hard for the other players to reach.

I'd read that December 26th is now the busiest shopping day of the year, surpassing "Black Friday". This is a reason the after-Christmas sales aren't so hot this year; people are coming out anyway, so they don't need to slash as much. Another reason is the popularity of gift cards. Since people will want to spend them soon after getting them, the retailers hold up the prices for a few days to claim the "suckers". I'll probably still be sitting it out in the morning.
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