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More on Pandora

So, I've been playing more with the Pandora radio client. Earlier today, I decided to try making a few "tuned" stations for particular kinds of music, with the theory being that I could get better selectivity of music by keeping my choices within a genre. So, I've added a few custom stations that I can train with a lot more specifics:

Unwired GrrlFolk - acoustic guitars, banjos, violins, twangy vocals, and lots of strumming (Dar Williams, Be Good Tanyas)
Unwired GrrlRock - electric guitars, feedback, drums, fast songs (Sleater-Kinney, Belly)
Unwired Synthpop - synthesizers, fun for dancing (Freezepop, Depeche Mode)
Unwired Speak - poetry put to music, word jazz, story songs (King Missile, Soul Coughing)

If you want to hear them, just go to, click on "Shared Stations", and search for my main email address.

One of the annoying limitations of the system is that they limit the number of songs that you can skip in a time period. However, having multiple stations provides a workaround, as you can quit a song by changing to a different channel then changing back. I've been doing that a lot as part of my teaching process.
Tags: music, technology
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