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Lots and Lots of Dogs

I just got back from helping tangoglenn with the Mighty Texas Dog Walk down in south Austin. They were again trying to set the world record for the number of canines being walked together at one time, and from the looks of things, I think they've got a shot. Since each dog needs at least one person to mind them, I got recruited yesterday to walk Ellie while Glenn would walk Jacques. It was a nice morning for this, with the weather being cool but not rainy. Things started off pretty well, although Ellie was barking a bit more than usual. She calmed down a bit, but then it turned bad.

Just past the first water station, Ellie was attacked by a pit bull. She had slowed down on the walk and somehow got into the aggressor dog's space, and he just lunged and her and bit down hard on her her hindquarters. The dog wouldn't let go for about thirty seconds; I had to hold Ellie still while the other dog's owner tried to get him to declench his jaw, then we were able to get the dogs separated and to the side of the walkway. The people around the attacking dog immediately started giving their disapproval and saying they had to remove that dog from the walk. I didn't see any blood at first, but we started to see some bleeding after about 100 feet around the base of Ellie's tale. Glenn and I switched dogs and he took her back to the base to get her checked out. Fortunately, Glenn's friend Ken had met up with us, so I continued walking with him and we all reunited at the vet's office after the walk was over.

I hope Ellie is OK. She didn't seem to be bleeding badly when I saw her and Glenn waiting at the vets, but she hadn't really been checked out yet. Jacques was still full of energy after the three mile walk -- he was really pulling me during the last leg of things.
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