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Movie Review: Slither
"Slither" wasn't a great film. For those of you who haven't heard of this film, it's a sci-fi horror film about an invasion of little slug creatures from outer space, and it stars Nathan Fillion (Captain Mal Reynolds from "Firefly") as the police chief who confronts the slugs and their leader.

It was fun at times and even a little scary on a rare occasion where some plot point hadn't been telegraphed by scenes earlier in the film or in the trailer. The dialog wasn't good, but it serviced things OK, and the characters actually responded really well and believably to the stress and strangeness of the situation. No one was stupid, which was high praise for a horror film, but there was lots of death because the odds were just really stacked against them really badly. The film had a lot of violence, much of it rather gross, and too much of it was directed against the female characters. There are some shock moments, but the film doesn't dwell on them for long.

I liked it, but barely. I'll probably not need to see this one again anytime soon. It is funny at times, but it's a far cry from "Shaun of the Dead", my current standard for funny horror films.

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Hmm...I would agree that Shaun of the Dead is a classic, though I may have to see Slither just because of Nathan. :)

My friend April calls him "Captain Tightpants". :)

HA HA Your friend Meg calls him "Captain Inmypants". ;D

Ohhhhhhhhh Captain, my Captain!!!! :D~

Those are great! I also loved the one for 50 First Dates and The Nighmare Before Groundhog Day. They're ALL really clever! Hee Heee Thanks!

I found Slither to be impressively disgusting. I mean, cannibalism turns most people's stomachs, and this movie found ways to make it more revolting. I felt pretty queasy all the way home, something I don't think has happened in any of the dozen or so zombie movies I've seen.

It's not that fair to the genre to use Shaun of the Dead as a benchmark. That movie is pure genius.

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