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Spam Ramen

I saw this at a shopping center in Cupertino (near Apple's campus!) when I headed to lunch today. $3 is much, much, much too much to pay for that particular concoction.

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This canNOT be real. High Tea + SPAM RAMEN = Priceless.

but it isn't ANY Ramen... it is SPA RAMEN!!!


Spam is big in some countries overseas. In the Philippines, mid-income families will often display a can of spam (and then buy and eat cheap imitation spam).

Re: Not a surprise...

Yeah, I was thinking of how popular Spam is in Hawaii on my trip home tonight. Still, even if it's a delicacy for some, I'm certainly not going to serve it at a fancy dinner party.

Re: Not a surprise...

Oh, I agree. No force on earth could make me eat spam. At least in North America; overseas there might not be a choice sometimes. :) But California has a bit of everyone in it, so it doesn't surprise me that some people would advertise spam with pride.

Be prepared for the inevitable "CHICKEN FEET!" or "BALOT!" (duck egg with a half-grown duck)?

Then again, we North Americans eat weird things too. Kraft Dinner springs to mind...

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