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Do Stuff: Kyle Henry's "ROOM" Tonight
Last minute notice here. I'm going to Alamo South tonight to see local Austin director Kyle Henry's film "ROOM". Details are at http://www.originalalamo.com/online_tix/show_details.asp?show_id=3670 -- the show's at 7:05, so I'll probably get there about 6:30. My friend poyboy has been pushing this film really hard, and since I respect his taste in movies, I'm expecting it to be quite good. If anyone wants to meet me there, let me know through usual channels and I'll look for you at the theater.
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If you don't expect a traditional film and just let Kyle take you for a ride, you'll be amazed... I thought the film was strong, courageous and worked as a mirror of fundamental flaws in our system... I'm European and the film got immediate distribution in Europe... for Americans, it's a hard one, but just suspend what you're used to and it'll be a unique experience... Cyndi is just brilliant... and the editing is out of this world...

Re: just go for the ride

Totally agree with you. This was an amazing film, and Cyndi Williams does an awesome job with her character. And the ending -- that was such a feast for the eyes. I'd love to see this as a double feature with Linklater's "Live from Shiva's Dancefloor" -- two films by Texan directors that play with our idea of New York City. Maybe add in "Simple Men" too, a New York director's take on Long Island that was shot in Texas :)

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