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Confirmation: I'm a Supreme Nerd
Since my friend vernard took it, I knew I had to take it as well. I actually scored five points less than him, but considering that I don't have a high-performance computing cluster in my closet, I think that's appropriate. I hear that 93 is still an "A" in this state.

I am nerdier than 93% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

(Note: as a nerd, I really appreciate that this meme cut-and-paste text is both well-formed HTML and includes nice alt text so those who need visual assistance can still determine the scope of my nerdliness.)

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It says I am only slightly nerdy at 58. I blame this on its anti-Mac bias.

The phrase "anti-Mac bias" ought to be worth at least 30 bonus points.

Yeah, I took affront that I had to choose Mac OR Unix. Unix != Linux, slackers.

Wow! I had a dream where I was watching the finals of a reality TV show called something like "Bachelor Nerds." Not only did the contestants have to be supersmart, they also had to have great social skills. So the first half of the show was like Jeopardy, and the other half was like a date show where you had to impress a panel of women.

I was half-watching the show in a bar with a female friend who was a big fan of the show and watched it regularly. She said "Oh I hope they pick *that* guy he's so much nicer than those other guys."

And I looked up and hey, it was you! And I was all, "I know that guy! That's Ben! We used to do improv together. And now he's on TV! Yay!"

You won the show and then proposed to one of the women on the panel with a bunch of yellow roses. I think there was even talk of you getting your own sitcom. How cool is that?

Oh and for the record...

I am nerdier than 40% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

I am "lightly nerdy" (or "Nerd-lite").

Had there been questions about ballroom dancing, nautical fiction, String Theory, Philip K Dick, and Xbox games I would have scored much higher! :-)

Confirmation: opposites DO attract

Or at least I hope they do, because I'm not a nerd at all (as if there was any question)! I scored a 12! And I think that's just the points I get for knowing how to take a quiz on the internet in the first place....

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