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Ordering Bag from Which Wich
Ordering Bag from Which Wich One of these opened up just down the road from me, and I recently wrote about it over at Veg Out! Austin. However, I'm mainly using this post to test out my new scanner and to test our LJ's Scrapbook photo hosting service.

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I just tried them yesterday for the frist time. They were pretty good! There's a company in Spain that has been doing something very simmilar for ten years or so... I always thought it'd be a good biz over here...

gee, I can type better that that...

The biz is based in Dallas. You don't get a lot of person-interaction there by design, so you've got to hope they do a good job and use fresh ingredients, as you're not going to easily be able to watch them make your sandwich.

What do you think of ScrapBoook?

Just tried to use it last night for the first time. It seems OK, but I'd rather be using a client than it's web interface. The ability to make a userpic quickly from it was nice.

Very interesting concept, and your review makes me want to try it. Well done!

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