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Birthday Mad Libs
Yesterday was my 32nd birthday, and I had a small cookout at tangoglenn's place in the late afternoon to celebrate.  There was much grilling of veggie burgers, bell peppers, squash, zuccinni, and sweet potato, along with a cucumber-and-tomato salad I made from kazanya's recipe, and some Central Market apple pie with ice cream on top.  Much good conversation, and I really appreciate all those who came.

However, I'm writing this to make a record of the "mad libs"-style birthday card that lizardprincess gave to me.  My friends aren't particularly ribald, so this is family friendly:

Friends, this is a surprise party for Ben (person).  We are here to celebrate her/his dog (noun).  I must say that she/he doesn't look a day over 6. (number)  Naturally, we have some smelly (adjective) presents for her/him.  And we had the bakery send up a huge loud (adjective) cheese (noun) with 12 (number) candles on it.  We all want to wish her/him a very green (adjective) birthday and many happy trees (plural noun).
Thanks, everyone.  Now, to get finshed packing and head to the airport for my flight to Cali!

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TO YOU!!!!!!!!!

You youngster:-)

Belated Happy Birthday Ben!

Blessings and joy to you this year! One day soon, you will be older than god!

Ooo happy birthday darling!! =)

That this post is over a year old for you, but I did a google search for birthday mad libs and this came up. I think it's quite clever and I may utilize part of it for a friend's birthday party game. Thanks for posting it!

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