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"View From the Top"

I just finished watching "View From the Top" on DVD. I got this film mainly because of the whole flight attendant theme, but the film isn't all airplane humor. It's the tale of Donna (Gweneth Paltrow), a girl escaping from Silver Springs, Nevada by joining a cheap airline as a flight attendant. She makes friends with the other girls working the flights, and ends up working at Royalty Airlines, the prestige carrier. There's a lot of silliness, but its never over-the-top, and there's a nice story about destiny and discovering what one wants at play. One thing that bugged me a lot, something that really shouldn't have gotten by the production designer, was a close shot of a newspaper where the headline was significant to the story. I paused the disc to read the article text, and it had nothing to do with anything in the film; it looked like they had just pasted in headlines and pictures over another newspaper. This is just sloppy work, but it was the only instance of poor production design I noticed. In the end, the film is fluff, but enjoyable; I'm glad I caught this on video though, so I could do some housework during some of the dull moments.
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