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The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

California Party Update

Ah, back in the Palm office for a week.  The California weather is very nice; it actually is cool in the evenings and morning, unlike Austin where it goes from crispy hot to medium hot. :)

I got in yesterday in time to go to girlpurple's Spetti Sunday party out in Fremont.  It was quite a gathering, with 25-odd people there.  One of the highlights was a fire spinning performance on her lawn.  Here's some of their performance:

The rest of the party was fun too.  I got involved in games of Terrorist Uno (at one time with about 15 players), Carcasonne, and Apples to Apples, had lots of yummy veggie burgers and homemade salsa, got to play around with spinning poi, saw the "lemon-line" hybrid tree that makes large, sour fruit, had several interesting conversations, and met a few new people.  There were a lot of people with Austin connections there, including three people that had lived there in the past.

I got to my hotel about 1AM; they had someone at the front desk waiting for me.  So far, the room looks like it will do nicely, with an Ethernet port on the table, a comfy bed, and reasonable shower supplies (no foil packets of generic shampoo).  It's going to be a very busy week of work, but I will get out tomorrow night to go to the Stanford Palm Users Group where I'm the "guest of honor".  The fun never stops. :)
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