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Slightly More Expensive Lunch Than Usual
I just got back from lunch.  It's in the mid-90s today, and despite the weather, I decided to make the 1.5 mile trek from my house to the Mangia Pizza location at Gracy Farms.  I applied sunscreen, found an old Sony PlayStation hat, filled up my water bottle, and headed out.  About 25 minutes later, I was at the restaurant, had ordered a veggie Philly sandwich and salad, and was sipping iced tea.  After a nice rest and some good food, I got them to fill up my water bottle and headed back.

On Duval, there's a section where there are guard rails on both sides of the street.  Apparently, this is an area where people occasionally speed and go off the road, so the city's put these in place to avoid greater damage.  However, the guard rails are held up by small steel girders that have sharp edges, and there's not a lot of room to get past them on the sidewalk.  Halfway through, I heard a tearing sound, and found my nice cargo shorts that I'd gotten a few weeks ago had an extra hole, one running almost the entire length of the fabric.

Chagrined, I walked the last mile home with one hand clutching my water bottle and the other hand holding the fabric together, avoiding unexpected exposure of my boxer shorts to the Saturday afternoon driving community.  Upon inspection, they're ruined.  I think I need to invest in some tear-resistant shorts before my next expedition into this particular area of town.

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hah,hah. that's a good story, but i'm sorry about your shorts. can't they be sewn? sounds like a nice trek for a yummy veggie sandwich. :)

It's possible they could be sewn, but I think the likelihood of that happening is quite faint. If the court approves, I present (the not-so-contrasty) Exhibit A, where I show the three levels of rippedness of the fabric:

ah, a ripped pocket and ripped side seam..still could be fixed with the right skills. too bad on back-logged on all dave's holy pants. he doesn't even have inanimate objects as a good excuse..

They were $15 at Costco... I'll just replace them and donate the fabric from the old pair to one of my quilting friends.

Dudeman, that's the second time since I've known you that your pants have fallen victim to a neighborhood walk! A theme emerges...but what could it mean?

Inanimate objects hate pants :)

Then here's just the thing. :)

Give us a call if you're up and not busy today. Don't want to call early on a Sunday.

Feh, add an 's' to the end of that URL. Silly people.

I'm up and about now, and don't have any afternoon plans. Yeah!

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