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Fun at the Swimming Hole

Ever since the weather got warm, I've been regularly going swimming every night around 11:30... I just love the feel of the warm evening breeze, the dark sky, and the pool light sending a glow through the water. Plus, it's very unlikely that anyone else will be out there, giving me complete reign over the pool. One game that I usually play is called "bug corral". The pool has two skimmers, one on each side, and usually when I arrive, there's a moderate population of bugs that found the water but couldn't find the air again. So, I cruise around the pool, making surface waves, trying to get as many of these insects as possible into the filters where they won't disturb my swim. Mentally, I assign extra points for multiple bugs being pushed over the edge at once, and there's a penalty for overreaching and actually touching a bug. This keeps me occupied for a few minutes, and then I can get on with doing laps, lounging, pretending I'm a dolphin, and having deep internal dialogs, my usual pooltime activities.
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