The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

Waiting at Logan

I'll have more to say about my really wonderful weekend spent running around Boston with Annelies soon. However, at this time I want to complain about the very stuffy American boarding lounge here at Logan Airport. It is warm and humid with little air flow. The rest of the morning has gone well. I got up at 4, got a shower, did some final packing, ate left over tortellini from last night's visit to the North End, and got into my cab about 4:45. It was a 15 minute ride through the 'Pike to the airport, and I breezed through the self-checkin and security lines.

Memo to self: next time you fly out of Boston, pick a departure time that amenable to public transport. A 6:15AM flight just doesn't work.
Tags: travel
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