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Ben in Boston: Day 7

The last work day of my trip was really a fun day.  The Palm group in Andover has an annual celebration where they do a company meeting in the morning and a big luncheon in the afternoon.  This year, they did the meeting at the Wentworth by the Sea resort along the north end of the New Hampshire coast.  It was a rainy morning and a bit of a drive along I-495 and I-95 to get to the location, but once I saw the ocean view, it was just fine.  That meeting went well, and we then drove seven miles down the coastline to Saunder's, a restaurant on Rye Harbor with a great view of the ocean and lots of the docked ships.

After lunch, I said goodbye to the team and headed down to Boston, hitting my first patch of bad traffic after crossing the Tobin bridge on US 1 ($3 toll, but only in one direction).  I managed to find the right route on the first try, making my way to Allston to see Annelies.  She had been planning something big; about 6PM, we took a bus trip to Harvard Square and found the American Repertory Theater where we saw their production of Jean-Paul Sartre's "No Exit", the play that provided us with the phrase "Hell is other people."  It was a very nice take on the material performed on a tilting stage that provided a physical analog to the mental tension between the three main actors.  Then, we walked a few blocks to UpStairs on the Square, where Ani had made reservations in their Soirée Dining Room where we have the five-course vegetarian tasting menu, including
  • Salad of Roasted Beets, Horseradish Panna Cotta, Arugula & Passionfruit
  • Green Garlic Soup with Fingerling Hash
  • Ravioli of Sweet English Peas, Sweet Butter and Pecorino Romano
The chef also made us an appetizer asparagus soup served in a shot glass, with thick cream on the bottom and vegetable foam on top.  It was one of the best meals I'd had in terms of presentation and complex flavors, and it was a lovely birthday gift from a lovely woman.

More on our visit to Salem ("Witch City") and a Sunday in Downtown Boston in followup posts.
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