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We're Here in Cambridge least for a few more hours.  My sister and I are packing up here at the bed and breakfast we stayed at last night.  Britain is under a massive heat wave, with it getting up to 97 degrees F, and it was a scorcher yesterday as we walked around the city.  My plane landed at Heathrow on time, and by the time I got to the bus station, it was almost time for my coach to Stansted Airport to leave.  The bus wasn't too crowded, but its air conditioner wasn't able to keep up.  Once I got to the airport, I only had to wait about ten minutes for my sister to show up.  I'd scribbled "MY BRILLIANT LITTLE SISTER" on a pad of paper and was holding it up as she walked out of arrivals.

The train to Cambridge got cancelled a couple of times, so we ended up taking an alternate routing that required us backtracking to the previous station and then catching another train from there.  I picked up a Virgin Mobile SIM card at Stansted, so we were able to give Mom and Dad a quick call while we were waiting for the second train.  Upon getting to town, it was another ordeal to get the right set of buses to the B&B, and we ended up dragging our luggage about a half-mile down Chesterton Lane.

After a shower and change of clothes, we headed back to the city center to see sights.  We were both quite impressed by the King's College Chapel, with its 80-feet valuted ceiling and giant organ.  It was started by King Henry VI and took 100 years to construct.  She sketched out some of the details while I took in the stone work, and then we caught a short choral performance which really showcased the excellent acoustics of the building.

Dinner was unremarkable Thai food, followed by a trip back to the B&B and both of us crashing quite quickly at 8PM.  It would remain bright outside until 11.

We're off to Edinburgh now, via EasyJet.  More after we've seen the Castle!
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