The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
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Update from Edinburgh

I'll start this update with a little poem
Ben and Cyn went up a crag
to sketch and take some pictures
then Ben slips down, turns his pants green and brown,
and Cyn comes sliding along after.
That was the second of our two Edinburgh adventures today.

Yesterday, we got to our friend Jim's house about 5:30PM, a little after Jim got home.  After recovering from the plane, bus, and taxi rides, we walked to the city centre for dinner at a excellent vegetarian restaurant called Black Bo's.  Cyndi had their vegetarian haggis and shared one of the bites with me; it was pretty good, although I certaining wouldn't want the authentic version.  We got back about 10:30 and it was still light outside.

Today, sis and I got up and started a long day of touring with a trip to Castle Edinburgh, the large fortification in the center of the city. We
took lots of pictures and saw the 1 o'clock shooting of the time cannon.  After a quick lunch and some shopping, we headed back for a late afternoon nap, then made a hike to the Salisbury Crags,an amazing rock formation on the hill formed by lava flows and glaciers. We hiked up that, walked along the ridge, and came down near the parliment building and the "Dynamic Earth" science museum. Alas, part of the coming down involved me sliding down a wall of grass on my butt.  Nothing was hurt, but my pants did get a few new stains.  I recovered at the bottom by putting my feet in the pool outside the parliment house while Cyn did a watercolor sketch of the Crags.  We ended the evening
with a visit to the Indian/Bangladeshi place around the corner from Jim's house called Kismot; it was wonderful, especially the chili sauce provided with the mushroom pakora.

Tomorrow: more touring, followed by an airplane trip to Bristol and a ride onward to Bath.
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