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Clerks II

I'm out in California this week; after a couple of very busy days at work, on Wednesday, my team celebrated hitting a milestone with a group lunch at a brewpub in Mountain View.  I took off at 6, did 18 holes at the mini-golf course, then went to the movies.  I decided to see "Clerks II", Kevin Smith's followup to the film that launched his carreer.  I liked "Clerks", and I've generally liked his later films, so I was hoping this would be entertaining.  It was.  I laughed a lot.  It resembled the first film a LOT.  Smith was never shy about showing his influences, and it looks like the major influence on this film is the original "Clerks".  Whole sequences seem to be rehashes of the first film, although with a different take.

What's good: Rosario Dawson is very cute.  I really liked her character and the chemisty between her and Brian O'Halloran's Dante.  I also liked the antagonistic relationship between Randall and the 19-year-old, very naive Elias.  The dance number and some of the cameos were a lot of fun, and the take down of the LOTR films had me rolling.

What's bad: the acting of both Dante and Randall.  It's consistent with the first film, but that doesn't keep it from being really painful at times.

What's cheesy: Jay and Silent Bob.  Smith's Silent Bob is constantly mugging to the camera, while Jason Mewes' Jay never has the frantic energy of his previous incarnations.

I think it's worth seeing if you liked the first film.  If you take offense easily, please stay away.
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