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Venus Hum, "The Colors of the Wheel"

Before my trip to California this week I burned a CD of the new Venus Hum album "The Colors of the Wheel" that I'd got from eMusic. I got into the group last summer after seeing the Blue Man Group DVD that featured them as a guest performer. I really enjoyed their first album, and the EP 'Songs for Superheros' was in constant rotation on my CD player. The new material is very interesting. It's a lot more experimental than the Songs EP, with a number of short unnamed instrumental tracks. A number of the songs reminded me strongly of an electronica version of Swing Out Sister. The two stand out tracks are the delicious 'Yes and No', and the hip-hop inspired 'Pink Champaign'. Hearing the singer Annette go

Let your no be no
and your yes be yes.
My no means no, and
My yes means yes... Yes, yes, yes!

Has made my morning commute happier all week. The title track isn't as engaging, but parts strongly remind me of their previous single 'Hummingbirds'.

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