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Nerd Slam
Last week, I played hooky for a few hours and journeyed downtown with kazanya to see the National Poetry Slam's "Nerd Slam" showcase at Antone's.  It was a mid-afternoon show and mostly populated by slammers from around the country.  The main seating was all full, but we got seats over to the side with a good view of the stage.  I took videos using my Panasonic camera of a lot of the performances, and I've included the intro poem below.

The event was a little disappointing to me, mainly because of the moderators and the audience.  There were way too many guy poets to have time for all of them to read, so they alternated between guy, girl, and group performances.  However, for each guy they spent lots of time getting two poets on stage to compete against each other in a trivia contest where the quizmasters were giving very, very hard questions.  A very loud group sitting behind us started shouting "Not a nerd!" over and over during this part when the poets on stage would blank on the questions, and it was just unpleasant.  It would have been much better to have just drawn names out of a hat, skipping the trivia portion of the event entirely.

Most of the poems were pretty blah.  I liked one of the girl's doing a poem about a name-dropping English professor, but I thought the poem about love expressions in programming languages was a bit trite.  An ode to the Muppets was quite nice, but we don't need another bad poem about the pleasures of nerd girls when there's Ernie Cline's work out on the net.</lj>

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(Deleted comment)
I agree... DS9 is my most loved Trek series, probably followed by TNG, then Original, then Enterprise, then Voyager, and finishing off the the Animated Series.

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