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Hotel Notes: Pacific Inn of Mountain View

This trip to California has found me in yet another hotel, the Pacific Inn of Mountain View. I have quite mixed feelings about this particular place:

  • It's in Mountain View on El Camino with lots of things within walking distance, including a Trader Joe's, a Fresh Choice, and a bunch of might-be-fun-to-try restaurants.
  • Each room has a Jacuzzi bath tub and am ample supply of bubble bath soap.  Relaxing in 110 degree water with bubbles everywhere is a nice way to relieve some stress.
  • The price (about $65 a night) is pretty good.
  • They have a fairly good breakfast buffet included in the room price. Tuesday morning I got fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, and pineapple juice, a nice change from the usual bagel and cream cheese I've gotten at other places.
  • The room has a fridge and a microwave. I got to use the fridge to store some green tea and stuffed olives I got at the before-mentioned Trader Joe's.
  • No outdoor pool or hot tub.  I love the pool and tub at the Wild Palms Hotel; they are the reason I keep returning there when I'm staying in the area on the weekend.
  • Internet access in the room has been very spotty, with the 802.11b signal often dropping and cutting off my VPN connection. Tonight has been good, but the last two nights were impossible.
  • The TV channel selection is limited with no Comedy Central, C-SPAN, Cartoon Network, or Food Network.
  • No clock radio; they have an alarm clock, but it doesn't play music.  I really like listening to NPR in the morning, so this was quite disappointing.
  • The room had an odd cleaning chemical smell when I first entered, although I got used to it pretty quickly.
I've certainly had much worse stays here in the Valley. I may come back here if there are no reasonably priced rooms available at my main places (Wild Palms and Hotel St. Clair), but I'm probably going to continue to "sleep around" the Valley to find the just-right place for me.
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