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Things You Hear on NPR
Thursday morning while in California, I heard a small bit of unintentional hilarity.  NPR had a report on Morning Edition about flight attendants who were taking self-defense classes to improve in-plane security.  The story started out talking about how the position was once viewed as very glamorous, but today's attendants need a different skill set.  Then they start playing audio from the class where the students are practicing assaulting dummies and you hear the line "get away big brute", and then you start to chuckle.  You can skip to about 0:40 in the audio if you don't care about the intro.

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I clicked on The Radio Unwired and the first song it played was Gepetto by Belly. This is one my favorite all time. I'll be posting the station up on


stop in and give it a vote and also check out




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