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Goodbye, Governor

I just learned that the last REAL governor of Texas, Ann Richards, died today after a brief fight with throat cancer.  I'm really sad to hear of her passing.  I got to meet the former governor twice.  The last time was at a SXSW screening a couple of years ago, where she was attending as a friend of the filmmaker.  I got to shake her hand and tell her about the first time we met.

It was 1995.  I was still at Georgia Tech finishing my senior year, and I was flying through Texas on an interview trip.  I'd just spend a couple of days in Dallas with Texas Instruments, and I was waiting in DFW to board a plane to visit Austin for the first time.  I looked around the boarding lounge and I recognized Ms. Richards sitting, waiting for the same flight.  I walked over to her and said hello and introduced myself.  I told her that I enjoyed the commercial for Doritos that she did with Mario Cuomo.  She asked me what I was doing in Texas, and I told her that I was interviewing with TI in Dallas and Motorola in Austin, and she told me that I had to go to Austin, it's the prettiest and best part of the state.  Obviously, I took her advice.

I'm sad to see her go.  The last thing I saw her do was appear in the Alamo Drafthouse's promo earlier this year where the penalty for talking in the movie was having Ann Richards "take your ass out".  I loved that she had a great sense of humor about her, and I hope for her sake, we're able to make Texas a bit more blue this election season.
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