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Goodbye, Governor
I just learned that the last REAL governor of Texas, Ann Richards, died today after a brief fight with throat cancer.  I'm really sad to hear of her passing.  I got to meet the former governor twice.  The last time was at a SXSW screening a couple of years ago, where she was attending as a friend of the filmmaker.  I got to shake her hand and tell her about the first time we met.

It was 1995.  I was still at Georgia Tech finishing my senior year, and I was flying through Texas on an interview trip.  I'd just spend a couple of days in Dallas with Texas Instruments, and I was waiting in DFW to board a plane to visit Austin for the first time.  I looked around the boarding lounge and I recognized Ms. Richards sitting, waiting for the same flight.  I walked over to her and said hello and introduced myself.  I told her that I enjoyed the commercial for Doritos that she did with Mario Cuomo.  She asked me what I was doing in Texas, and I told her that I was interviewing with TI in Dallas and Motorola in Austin, and she told me that I had to go to Austin, it's the prettiest and best part of the state.  Obviously, I took her advice.

I'm sad to see her go.  The last thing I saw her do was appear in the Alamo Drafthouse's promo earlier this year where the penalty for talking in the movie was having Ann Richards "take your ass out".  I loved that she had a great sense of humor about her, and I hope for her sake, we're able to make Texas a bit more blue this election season.

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*sniff* That makes me sad also.... And I am happy to know that, from your story, she was a nice as she seemed.

I will always remember her for her Silver spoon quote.

Er, play on the silver spoon quote... it is too early for me right now!

Texas, and the nation, have lost one of the greats today. I'll miss her.

A warm and funny woman in a position of power and authority. We will not see another like her for a long time.

NPR played the aforementioned silver spoon quote this morning:
"Poor George. He can't help it; He was born with a silver foot in his mouth."

In lieu of flowers, the family has requested that donations be made to the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders. It is sad that she will not be here to see its grand opening next year.

It's like we're related or something...

I saw this morning that she had passed away and thought of your encounter at the airport. I passed on the anecdote about you getting job advice from her to a friend in studio this afternoon. I smiled to see your message about it this evening.

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