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Parlez-Vous Video?
I keep wanting to put together a mix CD containing just songs where primarily English-speaking artists use foreign languages in their songs for special effects.  One of the ones I'd include in the compilation is the song "Parlez-Vous Freezepop?".  They just made a video for it, fantastique!

Other ones I'd include would be the French version of "Judas, My Heart" by Belly, "Fleur de Lys" by Juliana Hatfield, "Copernicus" by Basia (which has a bit of Polish in the chrouses), that song by Regina Spektor on her most recent album that's half-Russian, the Sixpence None the Richer song "Puedo Escribir", and even U2's "Vertigo" which does start off with some Spanish counting, if I remember correctly.

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Great video! Clever concept with the filmstrip...I don't think I've seen one of those since oh, 1971. :-)

You ought to go to an AV Geeks show at the Alamo Drafthouse sometime. They show themed collections of industrial and classroom films they've collected and they always start out with a filmstrip, with all the people in the theater getting to take turns reading the text of the frame before they advance to the next.

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