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Stuff to Do: Demetri Martin at the Paramount
Some of my friends are big Demetri Martin fans.  I know I am.  Some of you even became fans due to my insistence that you watching some clip of him off my DVD player that I'd recorded, maybe the one where he has his mom and grandmother do all the punchlines to his jokes on a flip chart.  That was was classic.

So, if you are a fan of his absurd comedic style, why haven't you gotten yourself a ticket to his show at the Paramount Theater on November 18th.  Details and a horribly stretched picture are online at gettix.net, and it's been on sale for almost 40 minutes.  I just got two tickets for the 7PM show, one for me, and one for my lady friend.

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That is the same night Curtis Armstrong is presenting a tribute to Harry Nilsson at the Alamo Downtown. Now I am torn. :-(

Obviously you park downtown, go to the 7PM Demetri show, then hike over to the 9:45 Curtis Armstrong show. Problem solved!

Ah, Mr. Combee. I won't be able to make the Demetri Martin show myself as I'm doing one of my own. More's the pity!

But I hope that you and your friends might drag yourselves (well, not literally: wow, that'd be --- eventually --- gruesome, wouldn't it? Shreds of clothing, tattered bits of skin, the eroded flesh hanging off in bloody gobbbets, etc.) to see one of the EARLIER performances.

It runs the second and third weekends of November, and..

Oh, wait, here's the PR:

Who: David Jewell and Wayne Alan Brenner

When: Fri.-Sat., Nov. 10-18, 8pm. Opening night: Thu., Nov. 9, 8pm.

Where: Hyde Park Theatre, 511 West 43rd.

How much: $7.

And it's called: DOUBLE EXPOSURE
DOUBLE EXPOSURE is a night of comedy like Lenny Bruce rewritten by Gene Roddenberry, like David Mamet scripting Bill Nye's coffeehouse debut.

David Jewell, perhaps best known as one of the "cloud guys" in *Waking Life,* teams up with the Austin Chronicle's Wayne Alan Brenner to unleash their greatest hits ~ sketch comedy, monologues, song and goddam dance ~ in five nights of live performance that'll tickle your cerebral cortex the way a wayward sex-toy might.

Well, if it ~ the putative appliance ~ were of the vibrating sort. And had especially powerful batteries.

Which is also why this show is: For Adults Only.

Also featuring Mical Trejo and Elizabeth Mason.

Fri.-Sat., Nov. 10-18, 8pm. Extra show: Thu., Nov. 9, 8pm. Hyde Park Theatre, 511 W. 43rd, 479-PLAY. All shows $7. www.hydeparktheatre.org

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