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Chris Bell at Keep Austin Blue

I just made a post over at Lone Star Democracy Builders with four videos that I shot this evening at the Keep Austin Blue meetup.  They are of speeches by several candidates in this November's election, including John Courage, Valinda Bolton, Lloyd Doggett, and gubernatorial contender Chris Bell.  I got over to Mother Egan's about 4:15PM and camped out inside with my laptop for a while before finding a good seat on the patio.  It was a hot afternoon, made even hotter by the crowd that gathered.  There were also several news cameras out covering Bell's remarks.  Bell came through much better on this visit than when I first saw him back in Summer 2005; a year of campaigning has done him well.  While he still trails far behind current governor Perry, the dynamics of the race seem to be helping him in these last few weeks, with him getting back a lot of Democratic support that had gone to Kinky Friedman.  I think ultimately the race will depend on how well Perry can get out his base and how Strayhorn's campaign manages the fight.  Paul Burka seems to think there's a chance Strayhorn might withdraw and endorse Bell, but I wouldn't count on that happening.
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