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Exciting CD Stash Find

I was looking through a box of random stuff I'd packed up back in 2000 when I moved up to my townhouse tonight, in the furtive hopes of finding the CueCat barcode reader I'd hacked up back when that was the thing to do. I didn't find the CueCat, but I found a curiously heavy floppy-disc box, and inside were a collection of CDs that I'd long forgotten about, and that I know I've not heard in at least four years!

I'm ripping them into my computer now (Ogg Vorbis, 128K). The set of discs I've rediscovered includes a few interesting and out-of-print items:

  • Big Fish Ensemble, "I Hate Parties" (early 90's Atlanta rock band)

  • Poi Dog Pondering, "Poi Dog Pondering" (Austin hippie music)

  • Various Artists, "No Alternative" (which oddly featured all "Alternative" artists)

  • Transona Five, "Duffel Bag" (late 90's Denton, TX trance-guitar rock)

  • Cicada Sings, "Lousy Private Fuzz" (early 90's Atlanta bossa nova)

BTW, I'm flying out to Cali early Monday morning for a week at the PalmSource employee compound. While I really like getting to work face-to-face with my coworkers, these trips also remind me of how much I like working from home and how much I like living in Austin, and how grateful I am to have an employer that values me enough to let me do this.
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